Discover the truth about HELL/HADES

Discover the truth about HELL/HADES
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Includes the Shocking Discovery and facts about Luke 16:19, The Rich Man and Lazarus

Could THE SOUNDS OF HELL be genuine?

Is there life after death?

Why did Jesus warn us so much about Hades and HELL?

What did the profit of God Enoch believe? 

Who wrote the Enoch fragments agreeing with a literal story of The Rich Man and Lazarus, HEAVEN and HELL? 

Why did the famous historian Josephus and or Hippolytus of Rome write a letter to the Greeks warning them of HADES/HELL?

What was the Bosom of Abraham?

Follow us as we look deep into the scriptures and discover the shocking evidence of life after death.

Includes video clips of the Emmy-nominated film The Gospel of John, plus an interview with Dr Richard Kent and video clips from The Lazarus Phenomenon and The Final Frontier by The Visual Bible.

SOUNDS OF HELL (non-fiction film)                       58 minutes
The Rich Man and Lazarus Luke 16:19                    8 minutes
Is Lazarus in Luke 16-19, Lazarus in John 11?    32 minutes
The Three Tombs of Lazarus                                   19 minutes

Running time:  1 Hour 57 minutes    
Format: PAL  -  Multi Region:  0 (will play Worldwide)


Written and thoroughly researched by Simon Brown

Voice-over by Emma Brown

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