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FREE 4 DVD's Pack
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DVD No.1 - Our Search for the Tomb of Jesus

In this documentary DVD, Simon's team visit two tombs believed to be the tombs where Jesus Christ was laid and later rose. However Jesus could not have been laid and risen from both tombs, which one is the genuine one? Is there any evidence to support the fact that either of these sites is the genuine one? Join us as we take you on an amazing journey and reveal some facts that changed the world.

DVD No.2 - Our search for Sodom & Gomorrah

A real life adventure and journey to the most barren territories on this planet. Join us as we consult Scientists, Geologists, Archaeologists and Mineral experts.

DVD No.3 - Our Search for Real Discoveries

In this documentary Simon's team return to Sodom and Gomorrah for a closer look. They also search for Admah and Zoar the surrounding towns. Simon then discovered the pits that some of the men from Sodom and Gomorrah fell into, as the Bible says. The team go on to search for Lot's cave. After seeing this amazing evidence they visit Engedi, where King David hid from King Saul. They visit Abraham's oak, where he met God and the two angels beneath the trees of Mamre, as well as Abraham's well. They then continue to the town where Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their wives now rest. There we visit their tombs

DVD No.4 - The Evidence and The True Face of The Shroud

Is the Shroud of Turin a fake or a forgery as many say? Or is it truly the cloth that covered the body of Jesus Christ by Joseph of Arimathaea? DO NOT BE DECEIVED. ‘Seek and you will find’ said Jesus.

Barrie Schwortz, who is perhaps the world’s greatest expert on the Shroud of Turin is interviewed. He gives lectures around the world and has appeared on the History Channel and National Geographic channel as a shroud expert, as well as in Time Magazine, Newsweek, Life Magazine and National Geographic, and many national and international news programs. Barrie also maintains the most authoritative site on the Internet about the Shroud of Turin,, which has been going for over fifteen years now.


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