The Evidence and The True Face of The Shroud film

The Evidence and The True Face of The Shroud film
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The Evidence and The True Face of The Shroud film
Is the Shroud of Turin a fake or a forgery as many say? Or is it truly the cloth that covered the body of Jesus Christ by Joseph of Arimathaea?

DO NOT BE DECEIVED. ‘Seek and you will find’ said Jesus.

Find out how much God loves you and desires you to seek and love him with our FREE films
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Barrie Schwortz, who is perhaps the world’s greatest expert on the Shroud of Turin is interviewed.

He gives lectures around the world and has appeared on the History Channel and National Geographic channel as a shroud expert, as well as in Time Magazine, Newsweek, Life Magazine and National Geographic, and many national and international news programs. Barrie also maintains the most authoritative site on the Internet about the Shroud of Turin,, which has been going for over fifteen years now.

Barrie states I just watched the program and it is excellent.

This program discusses in accurate detail the scientific facts about the Shroud of Turin that show it is truly authentic. It addresses the infamous 1988 radiocarbon dating of the cloth that declared it medieval in origin and disputes those results with new scientific information that has come to light in recent years. It provides the viewer with an honest appraisal of what is truly known about the Shroud and does so in an interesting and honest manner.
Barrie M. Schwortz STERA, Inc.

Matthew Tulloch states
I watched your film the other night with a few friends and we all really enjoyed it. They thought it flowed very well and that the evidence guided people along from step to step, and that it was generally very convincing. One friend who told me beforehand that he thought the shroud was a load of nonsense actually thought it might well be true afterwards! We all also thought that Emma did very well and was a refreshing change from the usual deep-voiced Americans who tend to narrate films like this. Overall I am very happy with the film and I hope it does well for you.

* Format: PAL
* Region: Multi Region 0 (This DVD will play in any country)
* Number of discs: 1
* DVD Release Date: 29 April 2011
* Run Time: 58 minutes.
* Presenter Emma Brown
* Producer Simon Brown
* Script: Matthew Tulloch
* Company is a non profit organization. Real


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