The Exodus Case

The Exodus Case
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A milestone in Biblical Archaeology
An exciting journey through early Biblical times from Abraham to the Exodus


Is it really possible that the biblical text from Abraham to Mount Sinai (GENESIS 11 11:27-EXODUS 40:38) are authentic historical documents in the sense that the people actually existed and the events described genuinley took place? Is it possible to prove these events 4000 years after they took place?

Or can we form a realistic picture of these events from documentation, analyists and interpretation? and what is the picture? In this book you will follow a chain of events that has affected our culture far more than we beleive.

You decide for your self if there is any reason to accept these stories as truth. To help you there are more than 570 colour ilustrations. Where was UR located?

Is there a place where burning sulpur has fallen? Is Joseph in Egyptian history? What was the route of the Exodus? Where is the crossing site through the Red Sea?

Is the traditional location of Mt Sinai correct? Prehaps you have knowledge about these matters, may be you have already decided where your stand point based on ?

Perhaps it is time to take a fresh look at the Exodus.



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