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Poster: Anonymous  Posted: 23/2/2013 10:13:19

Comment from John Locke. God proved me wrong. Ron Wyatt was telling the truth about Noah's Ark. MUST READ.
Durupinar is all that is left of Noah's Ark. I did not used to believe this. I did a two year research project to DISPROVE its validity - and God told me I was wrong! I then prayed: "Then, Lord, the wood that was shown on TV recently has to be proved fake, as well as Jim Irwin's claim." Within 3 days, God supernaturally sent me the proof I asked for. The first was proved a fraud. The guy had burned wood then claimed he found it on Ararat. Second: Jim Irwin's wife was on National TV and said: "It was not what they thought." 1. Pre-flood geology was different than now. 2. The Ark landed higher on the mountain, then slid to its final destination, where its side was pierced where it "came to rest" upon the mountains of Ararat. 3. It was and has been exposed to the elements for about 5,000 YEARS. All that is left is its footprint, and the settled remains left in the shape of a ship. What else would you expect after 5,000 years? God in His mercy had to correct me. There is no boat in ice. Glaciers move and destroy everything in their path. Even John Morris' research and expeditions , when the ice had melted back further than it had in years, and he searched the claimed locations, saw nothing then proclaimed: "But it has to be there." No it doesn't.. Though Wyatt may have done some things he shouldn't have, or whatever complaints people have about him, he did important work proving the Bible.

After my research I met David Allen Deal - who did more extensive research of the Duripinar site and wrote a book - It appears his website is no longer there, but I found this article with a bit of his finds: www.noahsarksearch.com

He found multiple gravesites and the remains of homes that the first civilization apparently built. I have his book containing his research, and have communicated with him frequently, but not much in the last few years. Blessings, John. http://jesuslivenetwork.com/

UPDATE ON 23/2/2013 from John Locke.

Hi Simon:
Here is some of the evidence and research I promised to send you:

John Morris did tremendous and thorough research on Mount Ararat. But he
did NOT find the Ark. It seems conslusively that it is not on Mount Ararat,
and Morris did us all a favor by proving that fact. That is because, in my
opinion, it landed on the mountain(s) of Ararat then slid downward to its
final resting place in Duripinar, where after 5,000 years of exposure to the
elements, has left its footprint for all to see. It is important to
remember the Bible does not say the Ark landed on Mount Ararat, but
"Mountains" (plural) - literally the range of Mountains in Easter Turkey,
the Mountains of (ancient) Armenia. Science tells us that civilization
began there. Evidence of that civilization has been found by David Allen
Deal. See note below:

Here are a few quotes from Impact Newsletter, Institute For Creation
Research, 2100 Greenfield Drive, El Cajon, CA 92021:

From No. 116 - Noah's Ark: The Search Goes On by John D. Morris, Ph.D.
Under "The Cummings-Irwin Group"
page iii - "The Ahora Gorge, without a doubt the most rugged area on the
mountain and the site of most earlier investigations, has been ruled
"The North Canyon area was carefully checked and found not to contain the
page iv - "...the specific object of their quest, which is in the far
reaches of the Ahora Gorge, was studied through a telescope. It was
determined not to be the Ark."

From No. 125 - The Search for Noah's Ark: 1983 By John D. Morris, Ph.D.
page iii - "...very little snow remained below 14,000 ft. elevation while
the glaciers had receded back farther than in anyone's memory. The
conditions seemed optimum for a discovery....Despite the favorable
conditions, no remains of the Ark were discovered. Those sites thought to be
the most likely resting places for the Ark were thoroughly investigated and
page iv - "....The obvious thought has now crossed each explorer's mind -
perhaps the remains of the Ark are not really on the mountain at all." Yet
the overwhelming evidence remains.3 Something must be up there. But where?
Seemingly every possible location has been checked. On the other hand, it
may be that our methods are no longer productive."

3. Referenced: Adventure on Ararat, John D. Morris (San Diego: Creation-Life
Publishers, 1973)
Ark on Ararat, John D. Morris (San Diego: Cration-Life Publishers, 1975).
Has Anybody Really Seen Noah's Ark, by Violet Cummings (San Diego:
Creation-Life Publishers, 1982).

From No. 231 - The Search For Noah's Ark: Status 1992 by John D. Morris, Ph.
"...This evidence consists primarily of reports by individuals who claim to
have seen the Ark. Unfortunately, none of these accounts have been
substantiated by documentation. Thus, all are to some degree questionable,
and each should be held lightly."

David Allen Deal added to the research of Ron Wyatt. He visited the
Durupinar site multiple times and found evidence of the original
civilization, the actual landing place of the Ark wherehe believes the
animals dispersed, and more important research. His book is available on
http://www.amazon.com/Noahs-Ark-Evide ... evidence+david+allen+deal

Here is his book's description: "
THE ARK OF NOAH DISCOVERED IN TURKEY IN 1948 Nearly everyone has been
fixated on Mount Ararat as the location of Noah's Ark. The Bible states the
Ark came to rest in the "mountains of Urartu" not "Mount Ararat." Seventeen
miles south of the Ararat volcano two-thirds of the way up on another
mountain approximately 8000 feet in height is a mass of cohesive convincing
evidence that the ark landed there on Mount Mashu. Evidence even includes a
538 foot long impression of the ship's hull. Gilgamesh having visited
"Mashur" described this place accurately. The city's name "Mesha" ("saved
from water") is even mentioned in Genesis 10:30. Noah's Ark was discovered
6200 feet above sea level in mid May of 1948 by a local Kurdish shepherd boy
named Reshit Sarihan who lives to this day (Sept. 2000) in the village of
Nisir (previously called "Nasar" but changed to "Uzengili`" after the ark
was discovered. - One should take note that "Nasar" was the Babylonian name
for Noah's city). Heavy rains in May of 1948 combined with three noteworthy
earthquakes exposed the ark impression from the collapsing expansive and
loose mud that had entrapped it for nearly 2 thousand years revealing the
ark impression standing up out of the terrain. In Josephus' time
(1st-century A.D.) the Ark of Noah was well-known because he mentions in
Antiquities of the Jews that people were still visiting the place and
removing pieces of bitumen from the ark for amulets against imagined evils.
Many still resist its proper identification. Turkey oddly refuses to let
archaeologists excavate to scientifically determine authenticity. You can
decide for yourself after reviewing the massive evidence presented in this
book. A large number of exciting photographs drawings and inscriptions would
seem to verify the author's conclusions." Paperback 195 pages


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